The Toad in Magic, Sorcery and Mid-wifery

The Toad in Magic, Sorcery and Mid-Wifery:
An occult history of the Toad in symbolism,

ritual, healing and folk-lore

Ernst Hentges/Steve Seven

First enlarged edition; first standard impression.
viii, 112 pp.
Printed on 100 gsm natural paper.

Paperback: €13 plus postage.

"The toad has had a colorful and checkered history with its role in magic and folk-lore. It has simultaneously been seen as mid-wife's helper and devil's familiar. At the same time both life giver and life taker. There are toad rituals to protect property and livestock and toad spells to bring sickness and calamity. Toads can be used for love charms or they can bewitch an enemy with their evil eye and even cause death."

The present work is unique in its comprehensive treatment of the occult history connected to this ambiguous creature. It includes information from many sources that are translated into English for the first time including the entire study from Ernst Hentges: Die Kröte; eine okkultistisch-kulturgeschichtliche Betrachtung.
Also included are sections on the complex nature of toad symbolism in both Western and Eastern Alchemy, as well as thorough-going treatments of the arcane art of toad magic.


Translator's Preface
Introduction: The Toad as Midwife's Helper
The Toad in Eastern Alchemy and Occult Tradition
Toad Magic and Sorcery in Early Modern Europe
(Ernst Hentges)
End-notes to Hentges' work.
Toad Magic and the 'Evil Eye'
The Toad in Western Alchemy
The Secret Wisdom and Transforming Power of the Philosopher's Stone
Toad-Stone Magic: Formula and Ritual
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