Lucifer Resurrected

Lucifer Resurrected:

Magic and Sorcery in the Early Church Vol. III

As is the case with Satan, the figure of Lucifer has been seriously misrepresented in the development of traditional Western religious symbolism. In most orthodox interpretations these two distinct figures are compounded into a single being. Although this is clearly a mistake from the perspectives of literary criticism and symbolism, their connection to each other is so intimate that this volume, dealing with Lucifer, is a direct extension of the previous, Satan, volume and many of the same subjects will be re-visited and further developed.

As demonstrated in the previous volume of this series, Satan's fall “like lightening from heaven” (Luke 10:18) is an allusion to ancient Jewish mysticism which later became kabbalism. It describes the downward flow of the divine impulse meeting the initiate.

In this volume we will see that Lucifer is an equally apt symbol for reflecting the 'sacred spark' back to heaven. This completes the Holy circuit and brings heaven to earth in the adept.



Lucifer: Dawn Herald; Light Bringer; Morning Star

'Inherited Sin' or Original Blessing?

The Sacred Mystery of the 'First and Last'

The Sacred Mystery of the 'Secret Fire'

From Magician to the Divine Man

I live, but not I—Lucifer Within Me

Meditation I

Meditation II

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Lucifer Resurrected: Magic and Sorcery in the Early Church vol. III