Alchemy Unveiled

Alchemy Unveiled: Self Initiation

into the Ancient Mystery Tradition

Steve Seven.

New, Updated Edition.

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From the introduction:

    "The history of alchemy is intimately tied to that of chemistry and many conventional scientific terms and operations came from the art. But there is also a deeper level of meaning beneath the surface, where psychological processes are represented by the material symbols. The action of turning base metal into gold can be read as an analogy; a road map for self-awareness and self-realization. This has been variously called enlightenment, wholeness, salvation etc. It is this focus that is emphasized with the qualification: Spiritual Alchemy.
     The present work is a modern rendering of some of the classic symbols and procedures into a unique working model for use by the contemporary magical practitioner."

     Complete with meditations and other practical exercises, this book is a practical resource to help you on your journey back to your soul.

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